Top Ten Most Popular Dresses in the World

There are a number of designs and fashion dresses worn in the world and they vary from region to region. Here, we have picked the top ten most popular dresses in the world that got much fame worldwide. All of these dresses are women wear. Some are famous due to the unique design, some because worn by a celebrity while some got popularity because of being expensive and eye catching. Let us see which dresses have been ranked top ten across the globe:

Top Ten Most Popular Dresses in the World

1. Union Jack Dress:

This dress is recognized as a sign of women power. The reality is that it was designed with the help of a tea towel that too was old one. It shows patriotism because of the British flag colours. So, it has been regarded as the number one dress in the world.

2. White Halterneck Dress:

This dress did not got popularity, because of its design or fashion, but because it was dressed by Marilyn Monroe in the best way. Its price was more than 5.6 USD and was auctioned in 2011. Still it has left a lasting impression on the memory of many people in the world. So, it is taken as second most popular dress across the world.

3. Versace Safety-Pin Dress:

This dress is considered as the 3rd most popular red carpet dress in the world. First, it was dressed by Elizabeth Hurley just as an option, because that was the only dress available as the evening wear. Later, Lady Gaga wore it on a visit to the Versace Maison. So, worn by two celebrities, it became top 3rd famous dress worldwide.

4. Cinderella’s Ballgown:

Hopefully, you are well familiar with the Cinderella’s Ballgown that is mentioned in the fairy tales. Though the story is old one and it was worn in the pale blue color, but still the young girls wear it to look like a princess. Nowadays, people regard it on 4th number as the most famous dress in the world.

5. Audrey Hepburn’s Tiffany’s Dress:

This is black colored dress worn by Audery Hepburn comes on 5th number in the ranking of most popular dresses in the world. Because the girls like it the most, so it is displayed on the Hollywood exhibitions.

6. Blue Velvet Dress of Princess Diana:

Lady Diana’s blue velvet dress was worn in 1985 first time but still its style is copied worldwide. The original dress was priced about 510k British Pounds in the auction 5 years ago.

7. Issa Engagement Dress:

This dress got so much famous in the world that thousands of girls copied and got it stitched by the designers. It was worn by Kate Middleton on her engagement ceremony.

8. Gingham Dress:

Dorothy’s Gingham dress is ranked at 8th position around the world. It has hit the whole Hollywood fashion industry, despite of the fact that it was designed with the help of inexpensive gingham and stitched crudely.

9. Swan Dress:

This swan dress was worn by Bjorkin 2001 on the Oscar ceremony and designed by MarjanPejoski. Due to its growing popularity, it is regarded on 9th position.

10. Ralph Lauren Oscar Dress:

This dress was like a gown and proved so lucky for Geyneth Paltrow who dressed it on the Oscar event as the best actress. Its colour was pink and liked by the audience so much.

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