Top Famous Clothing Brands for Men in Pakistan

It is rightly said that a man is known by the dressing and if you cannot compete with others in any way, just wear better clothing. Being a male, if you are trying to be updated with the most recent clothing trends, you must buy your dresses from a good brand. A nice dress will add a charm to your personality. Here is the detail of which the top ten clothing brands for men in Pakistan are. These are not Pakistani brands only, but very popular worldwide and maintain their standard everywhere. So, you should be aware of the brands best for your clothing:


  1. Amir Adnan:

Amir Adnan is number one clothing brand for men. It is recognized on the international level. First time, the modern sherwani for men was made known to people by this brand. Amir Adnan started his career in 1990 from Karachi. The dresses of this brand are of high quality and that is why, very expensive, too. It has won the first international menswear award.

  1. Junaid Jamshed:

Junaid Jamshed is second best and most famous dressing brand in Pakistan. It commenced its clothing business in 2002 from Karachi. It has a large variety of dresses, not just for men, but also for women and kids. Later, J. was also introduced by Junaid Jamshed as a new outlook. You can find here the best fabric dresses for casual, party, bridal and formal wear as well as hand woven quality dresses.

  1. Ammar Belal:

Ammar Belal is a well-known clothing brand around the whole world. Its dresses depict various cultures and are sold in Pakistan, Geneva and Goston. Ammar started his career from the sportswear in 2002 and later, his wedding dresses with ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) brand are getting a name in the clothing market. It has won the Lux Style award for mens clothing.

  1. Deepak Parwani:

As the name shows, Deepak Parwani is a fashion designer from the Hindu Sindhi locality. He started his career from acting, but when he set foot in the clothing market, he won many awards, such as Lux style award, the best designer in the Milan fashion week 2010, Indus style award and many more. His business spreads to Malaysia, London, Washington DC, Dubai, Houston, Singapore and China. His name is in the Guinness book of world record for introducing the largest Kurta.

  1. Munib Nawaz:

Munib Nawaz is a Mens Clothing brand set up in 2003. Its ambassadors are famous actors, singers and fashion designers, including Atif Aslam, Josh, Ali Zafar and Sajjad Ali. He is invited in several fashion shows and has won many awards, such as Lux Style award and its nomination 7 times. He was also awarded with Pakistan Style Award, 2007. He participated in Miami Fashion Week 2009.

  1. Aijaz Aslam:

You are surely well aware of Aijaz Aslam, a famous Pakistani actor, model and dress designer. Back in 1989, he started his clothing business from 2 machines. Today, he is running 2 large manufacturing units successfully.His brand is equally famous for women wear. He is a qualified designer with proper degree and fashion designing courses.

  1. Stoneage:

Stoneage is the 7th best mens clothing brand that was introduced in the market in 2005. Its stylish dresses are a blend of Eastern and Western fashion. Its T-shirts, casual dresses, winter wear and jeans are very much liked on the international scale. 

  1. Alkaram:

Alkaram is an old yet modern brand for mens, women and kids apparels established in 1986. All of its dresses are not stitched. It also offers unstitched fabrics. Its clothing business is not limited to dresses only, but home accessories are equally shopped in Pakistan and UAE.

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