Top 5 Brands for Kids Wear in Pakistan

You spend a lot of money on the dress shopping for all the family members on an event. It definitely becomes costly for you. Some parents ignore shopping ready-made clothes for kids just because they think; it is extravagance and disturbs their budget. Other than dresses, you have to buy many other little things for them, for example, shoes, hairbands, clips, etc.


Give equal importance to shopping of kids wear and do not ask them to wear any dress repeatedly. Kids grow so soon and mostly, within a few months, their dresses do not fit them. So, buy dresses for them carefully. You can renew them by simple alterations. Here is which brands you should consider for the kids clothing especially shopping for baby girls:

Nishat Linen:

What is unique and the best in this brand is the refinement and quality. It mostly offers kids wear on discount without compromising on the quality. Readymade shirts, kurta pajama, shalwar qameez, frocks, skirts and lehngas of Nishat are well known in the Asian world. The designing of kids wear is fantastic and classy in accord with the latest fashion. You can visit their photo gallery and select the dress to buy online.


JunaidJamshed is a famous and top second clothing brand. It sells a wide range of men, women and kids wear. JunaidJamshed was a renowned singer belonged to Vital Signs Band. Then he left music, developed his interest in religion and expanded his clothing business. Today, he is running many boutiques in Pakistan and other countries of Asia. The children clothing of J. is very impressive. Teenagers like JJ dress the most. Its churidar pajamas, shalwar qameez and frocks are particularly sold on a large scale, because it gives a fancy look to the baby girls.


Ambini is 3rd most famous clothing brand for kids. Its innovative ideas in the children dressing are appreciated by the majority of Asian people.It participates in dress competitions and fashion shows. It mostly wins because of the fine fabric of western trends. Western kids wear of Ambini are very much alike the clothes worn in the United States. That is why, it has specialty in Western wear replica. If you still have not shopped from this brand, you can check their collection online or contact them on Facebook for bulk orders.


Hopscotch is renowned worldwide for its kids’ summer collection. Its shopping centers are almost in all big cities of Pakistan. It has a distinguished name for the designing of tunics and tops for children. Jeans and T-shirts for boys are of high quality and long lasting. This is the reason Hopscotch is getting popularity day by day and spreading its branches across the country.

Leisure Club:

Leisure Club is on 5th number with respect to the kids wear in Pakistan. Its winter collection is stunning and different. Your kids will look stylish in their tights, jerseys, mufflers, coats, stallers and caps. Not only for the winter clothing, it is also well known for winter footwear, such as joggers, capri shoes, canvass shoes, coat shoes, snickers, boots, buckle shoes, etc.

If you cannot spend money on kids wear, nothing to worry. You can save your money by copying the same design of the famous brands and get it stitched by some expert tailor. Besides, there are a number of design replicas in the online market. You can check their kids’ summer and winter collection and place an order, if it satisfies you. Just keep in mind, your child should not be looking less than you, when you attend some ceremony in your friends and family.

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