New Dress Ideas for Men

Men are not less than women in the choice of dresses. There is a variety of men wear nowadays. In this post, we will tell you how,being a man, you can be up-to-date in your clothing. You want new ideas for dressing, but also remain within your culture and fashion.The time has gone when there were simple colors in all dresses and no prints or stylish designs were there for men, whether they had to dress up for some wedding ceremony or in daily routine life.

New Dress Ideas for Men

In some of the latest dressing trends, there include kurta pajama, shalwar qameez, sherwani, three piece suit, T-shirt and jeans, etc. Even in just kurtas, there are a hell designs available in the market. Fresh light colors like blue, brown, grey, green, white, sea green, etc. are worn by gents and net embroidery on the neckline is very much liked by them.Sleeves are also designed with nice embroidery.

Most famous brands for traditional men wear are J dot, dynasty, Gul Ahmed, Naqsh, etc. Besides, for modern shirts and pants, Next and Marks & Spenser are very popular in gents. Stylish kurta is also worn by youngsters with jeans to have a unique and appealing look. You should choose a dress not just according to fashion, but also check whether it suits your personality or not. On cufflinks, sleeves and neckline, digital printing is very common these days. Today, they are not limited to selected colors only. Like girls, boys also like to wear almost all bright colors, including range, yellow, purple, red and other sharp colors.

Young guys make an enchanting color combination to wear on a mehndi function, Eid or party.If you have no shopping experience of men clothing, you can go through this informative article and follow our suggestions for an awesome look on the coming event. Silk type fabric becomes fancy, when you add tilla embroidery on the cornor of your neckline. For this, silver and golden colors are chosen by most of the gents.

Long neckline embroidery is also liked by majority of boys. If you are not interested in embroidered shirt, you may use long shaped motifs of different colors on a long shirt, like purple and silver color combination.

In T-shirts and dress shirts, lining is still very much liked by men and it suits them a lot. It is available in a number of colors. Collar and pocket is also a traditional style in Pakistani shalwar qameez. Modern trend is to wear kurta with churidar pajama.Short kurta with jeans gives you perfect look. Self-print is not limited to females only. Now, men also wear self-printed qameez. Black kurta with nice golden embroidery and white shalwar is appreciable.

Open sherwani with fancy buttons is worn by bridegrooms on their wedding ceremony and a staller or Kullah is also worn to be stylish. On Valima, men like to wear western dress, such as three piece suit. It gives them a smart look and everyone praises them in this type of dressing. Casual clothing is different from formal wear. if you are sent an invitation of an event via email or social media, it means, the function is decent and you need a simple yet elegant dressing.

For summer season, dresses are light weight and easy to wear while in winter, they are heavy weight. Blazer and light brown or copper colored jeans looks so beautiful to the young guys. In winter, clack jacket can also be worn in order to be warm and good looking. Choose the footwear according to your dress. Evening parties are different. So, keep in mind the type of event and then dress up accordingly.

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