Bridal Dresses in Unites States provides complete information and a versatile collection about the current fashion and traditional bridal dresses in the Unites States.

Over the centuries, brides used to wear expensive dresses made of the richest material that depicted their social status whereas the poor brides wore church dresses. In this way, brides represented their standard of wearing. This created differences in their standards of wedding ceremonies. Many rainbow colors were used to be wornby the brides in early times. But today, it’s a trend that brides wear white dress on the wedding day. Bridal dresses or gowns are worn according to the religion and culture of their areas.

Bridal dress in USA

History of white dress:

Brides commonly wear white gowns, miniskirt satin gown with high neck. Their sleeves are made of laces and pearls. Queen Victoria wore white dress on her wedding day that’s why white color became the traditional color for the brides. As the queen wore this color so it represented the imperial standard and a symbol of richness. This became the tradition for the brides to wear white dresses on the wedding day. Silver jewels and pearls on the gown added to the expensiveness of the dress.  Many brides wear creamy or ivory colors instead of pure white color according to their skin texture.

In addition to that, white color also represents the purity of soul. That’s why this color is preferable. White color is always symbolized for purity and friendship. That’s why brides wear it to show positivity. Wearing white color is the symbol of virginity. The brides prefer white gowns to show the purity of their character.

According to the Native American culture the brides wear cotton garments. These garments were tied to the right shoulder of the bride and a belt was worn around the waist.

In California, different symbolic colors are used to be worn by the brides. White color depicts eastern bride, blue represents south, black for north and yellow color for the west. As far as jewelry is concerned, brides think that jewels play a vital role against the evils. This is their superstition that jewels and pearls will extract poverty and bad luck from their lives.

Other than that, brides wear a knee length skirt. This skirt looks like a deer skin and the neck is covered with necklace made of beads or shells. In this way, the bride’s body becomes naked from the top. In the winter, bride wears a deer skin legging and moccasins as well.

After the sovereignty of Victorian, black silk taffeta gown of Maggie Wilson became the fashion in the USA. In the beginning of 21st century, dresses made from nylon and silk parachute became common.

Above all, traditional and cultural dresses are always preferable in the Unites States. Brides always choose white color because it symbolizes queen victoria. In the memory of victoria, this fashion is continued and till now it is appreciable. However, amendments in the style of dresses can be done.

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