Bridal Dresses in Middle East has a versatile collection of wedding dresses of Middle Eastern countries. Information about Middle Eastern dresses is listed in this article below. Our website provides all type of information regarding bridal dresses worn in Middle East. Persian embroidery is very common in Middle East. Bridal dresses are usually designed with Persian embroidery. In this embroidery floral designs are used. Flower art and beads work is done on the dress which makes the dress look so decent and impressive. Floral designs add beauty and charming effect on the dress and the bride looks elegant.Animal patterns like cheetah and tiger prints are also used in this embroidery. In Iran, brides like Persian embroidery. They love floral artwork.

Bridal Dresses in Middle East

Silver pearls are used on the gowns to make them more stylish and refreshing. But there is very less use of lace on the gown. Every country has different meaning of colors. These are the superstitions that some colors are the sign of good luck while other colors represent bad luck.Mostly white color is chosen for the bridal dresses. Red is symbolized as the color of danger and evil in Middle East therefore it is not right for the brides to wear this color. Orange color is associated with loss so it is also not good to wear in the Middle Eastern countries. Yellow color depicts happiness and prosperity therefore it is also preferred. Green, blue and purple colors are sign of good luck. White color is refreshing and Arabian brides prefer it.

In Turkey, ground long skirt is trending. Headdress is compulsory in turkey. Middle Eastern countries always remember about the traditions. They prefer traditional dresses. Their heads are covered with hijab and scarves. Scarves are decorated with laces. That’s why their brides look decent and extraordinary. Dress is fully covered; entire body is covered with the dress. They follow their religion and traditions to choose the dress. Veil and fully covered dresses are their identity as they are Muslims. However, the Arabian brides wear modern and sleeveless dresses as used in the European countries.

Israel is the country of Jews so they follow their religion and use modern and romantic dresses on the wedding ceremonies. Brides want to wear relaxed and sexy dresses.In Israel, gowns are stitched with light and romantic impression. But they are so much expensive that brides stay away from purchasing. But some brides who belong to upper class families buy these gowns in a bid to look like a masterpiece. These gowns and skirts are made with embellished fabrics. Pearls increase the fanciness of the dress. Homemade lace produces stunning effect.  Plummeting necklines and subtle veils add sexiness to the dress. Silk tulle with hand embroidery is also worn by many brides. These tulles are adorned with crystals.

Middle Eastern countries include Muslim as well as non-Muslim countries. So their traditions are also different. Veils and long gowns are worn in Muslim countries while open back and romantic dresses are worn in non-Muslim countries.

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