Bridal Dresses in Asia provides detail about the Asian bridal dresses and provides a large variety of styles. Of course wedding is very important event for every woman. So the choice of dress matters a lot. This occasion comes one time in the life of a woman so she has to decide her dress that she must look adorable and beautiful. Mainly, the selection of bridal dress is done by keeping in mind the tradition and fashion of the times. Red color is symbolized as the eastern bridal dress color. Most of the women choose red dresses on the wedding day. Red color is used in contrast with many other colors. Silver, golden and blue color is somehow used with red color in order to enhance the beauty of dress.

asian bridal dress

When we talk about the type of bridal dress then we come across many styles among those sarees and lehngas are commonly used.

Why the red color is preferred?

Red color is preferred because it is known to be the color of good luck. Just as white is preferred in United States, red is preferred in Asia because people think that this color represents promising success and a sign of luck. Red color is the identity of Asian brides which includes not only India and Pakistan but also the Chinese brides wear red color on their wedding ceremony. But brides are not bound to always wear red dress. Rather they can wear any color of their choice. In India, brides wear sarees made of silk fabric because it is thought to be their traditional bridal dress. Sharp red color on fair complexion suits on the bride. But if the bride is a dark complexion girl, then light colors are preferred.

But many other expensive fabrics like georgette, crepe and satin are also worn by the Indian brides. Colors may vary. Mostly golden, maroon, yellow, pink and brown are chosen. Long shirts are commonly used with lehngas and heavy stoles.This is the most trending fashion in Pakistan. Long shirts are not simple, stone work is done on the shirts. Stones and pearls add heaviness to the dress. Carrying bridal dress is also a big task because it is so bulky. updates you with the latest trending bridal dresses worn by the Asian brides. Sharara and gowns are also trending. Here is a list of unique and latest bridal dresses that would add to your choice.

Asian bridal dresses include:

  • Red Bridal frocks and lehngas
  • Red and purple dresses
  • Purple color in a combination with skin color lehngas
  • Embroidered Green bridal Sharara
  • Traditional embroidered Red gown
  • Dresses in peach color
  • Impressive red Sharara
  • Elegant wedding dress in light color
  • Pink and cream color combination
  • Blue and maroon bridal dress
  • Anarkali bridal frock

The important thing is that bridal color must suit on the bride. The dress should look perfect because it is a very important occasion, so this thing must be kept in mind. The article listed versatile and broad list of the most trending and fashionable bridal dresses worn in Asia.

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